Für 6-16 jährige.

Our English Farm is to be found in the impressive countryside north of Nürnberg in a small village between Lauf an der Pegnitz and Eschenau. We have horses, cats and lots of beautiful space to enjoy.

What we can offer your children is a place to hear English being spoken all the time, without having to get on a plane or on a boat. Our trainers are young native speakers and there is a maximum of 6 kids per group, ensuring an atmosphere where everbody can feel comfortableThey will have close contact to the animals, giving them a valuable chance to practice their English with a very uncritical audience, our horses really don’t mind if the grammar isn’t perfect! Each day is full of activities designed to encourage everyone to speak English, grammar games concentrating on certain  grammar, activities encouraging participants to listen, understand and then react, learning how to look after and ride a horse … in English, it’s fun as I know all the children that visit us again and again would agree with me.

The camps are from Monday to Friday. We start at 09.30 in the morning and finish at 16.00. Every day there is a new cooking group, this group prepares lunch for everyone, learning how to cook in English can also be fun. A full day camp costs €370,00. Doing a half day camp is also possible either from 09.30 – 12.00 or 13.30 – 16.00 ( this is without lunch). A half day camp costs €200,00. It is not possible to register for part of the week.

If you want more information about our English Camps, you can call Joanne; 0176 66660407, Land line; 09126 298514 or write her a mail, joanne-ellis@t-online.de